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Selasa, 10 Februari 2015

Nadya's personal work

I want to tell you about my dream house, everyone! I hope I can reach it.


In the future. I want a house it will have two floors. on the first floor, I want a bedroom with my own design. I want anything all about anime such as the wall, the carpet, the bed sheet, and blanket, the curtain, the desk, the cupboard, and anything else. And also, I want to have a swimming pool. On the second floor. There will two libraries. One of my libraries is a place for save many kinds of book execpt comics. And the other libraries is a place specially for comics and many anime collection. The rest is equal to my house now. There is a living room, a dining room, a family room. And my parents' bedroom on the first floor
 And on the second floor there is a living room and balcony


Sabtu, 07 Februari 2015

Alissya's personal work

Hello everyone, let me tell you about my


My dream house is a simple house. Clean, neat, and beautiful. There is a swimming pool and a garden too. And a library in there. In my dream house, I want to have four bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathrooms, family room, and cinema room. And I want to have a fish pond

Kamis, 05 Februari 2015

Bunga's Personal Work

this is my dream house. i want it very much, but i don't know i can reach it or not. can you pray for me that hopelly i can reach it ? if you can , i would say thanks to you. Ok, now i would tell you about my dream house. read it, okay ?

my dream house

 i want a house with 3 floors, and a big yard. on the first floor , there are a big kitchen, a swimming pool, a bathroom,  2 bathrooms, a big garage, a special rooms, and also the yard. i want my swimming pool have a slides from my bedroom, like in this picture

the slides start from my bedroom, so if i wake up in the morning, i can immediately jump to the slides. i want my kitchen so big. i want my kitchen made of expensive wood. there is a special room. special room is a room for my daily needs. i in my yard, there are many animals. Like cats, dogs, zebras, giraffe, and also a penguins. for the penguins, i build a special cave for it. 

on the second floor, there are 3 bedrooms,3 bathrooms,a playing room, and also little cinema. i have my own cinema, so i don't need to the public cinema. yeeaayyy...
in the playing rooms, there are some machines like in the timezone.
on the third floor / roof top, there are a garden, a hot tubs or a little hot swimming pool. so, in there, i can feel relax if i has strees. 

in my yard too, there is a little house for my nanny. so, ican feels like a boss if i have many nannys. 

there is my dream house. thanks for reading this article.

bunga ardhita 

Selasa, 03 Februari 2015

Attayya's personal work

Hello, now I'll tell you about my dream house but I don't know if I can reach it.

My dream house just like a regular house but it coated by many different kind of stitches and of course its colorful. It has two floors. On the first floor it has a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, a special room such as cinema, a bathroom, a garage, a swimming pool. In the living room there is a tv, a sofa, two chairs, and an air conditioner. In the dining room there is  a dining table made from woods, four dining chairs made from woods and the back of the chair is coated by crackers. In the kitchen, all kitchen tools in that place has a different colors.

On the second floor, it has four bedrooms, a room for playing games, two bathrooms, a void space, and slides leading to the swimming pool beside the bathroom. In the room for playing games there are many toy machines like in timezone.

In my dream house there is a yard too. In that yard there are two orangutans, four deers, three nepentheses. In the yard there is a special place for three polar bears, many penguins, and also some fish for the penguins and bears.

In my dream house there is a special mart for my family too.

And that's all about my dream house, thank you reading this article.

Jumat, 30 Januari 2015

7-1's blogs

So because this blog is an English project, our teacher divide us into 6 group. Each group have 6 people. The captain of the group is 3 girls and 3 boys. I  wasn't chosen to be a captain ( don't feel bad about me, trust me, I'm not a good captain). So I got into Kaysa's group *yay*. There's 4 other people in this group (Tarisa, Nadya, Bunga, and Alyssa). We named our group and also our blog: 5 Hoop. (don't ask why). But there are other group that made a blog. Feel free to check them out.



Rabu, 28 Januari 2015

Melvinka's Personal Work

as you know from my friend's last post, we have to make a personal blog about our dream house. I never really think about my future house but because I have to, here we go

My dream house...
  I've always wanted a magical house. A house that only the special one could see. The house would be a  large mansion. How large? think of the biggest palace you could think of. Then my mansion would twice large. Anyway, inside the house there will be a big elevator that'll take you to 1st-50th floor. There will be a big ballroom for a party, a garden penthouse for BBQ-ing, and the beat part is there will be a gigantic library that could fill more than 9000 books. Let's talk bedrooms, my bedroom will be the one with the rounded bed and big windows. There will be an indoor swimming pool beside the dining room, oh, and the dining room will have a big chandelier. And the food? there'll be different menu everyday and in the morning? Blue pancake with maple sauce and melted butter and whip cream. 

 Outside the house there'll be a big garden. In that grade will be section of flowers, Jasmine, Carnation, Daisy, and my personal favorite "Primrose".  

Guess that's all about my dream house, bye

Personal work by Tarisa

 Personal work by: Tarisa Aida Salsabila
 Class                   : 7-1
 School                 : 199 Junior High School

        Hi.... this time I'll tell you my dream house.That I want to achieve in the future and hopefully can be achieved.I started tell you about my dream house now,yes!

       My dream house is a luxury house.This house consist of two floors.On the first floor there are two bedrooms,a bathroom,a kitchen room,a dinning room,a living room,a family room,garage and a gym.In the backyard  there is a swimming pool.That is in the middle of the swimming pool there are my bedroom as well as  a gathering with my family and friends.On the front yard there is a garden in which there are tree house,basketball court and there are many plants that make the air becomes very cool.
       On the second floor there are four bedrooms, room playing table tennis,two bathroom,two special study room,two balconies and a slide that leads to the swimming pool.